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  • Will the BATTLE-BAR fit on my custom machined lower?  It is possible, but not guaranteed. We base our products on the most accessible and consistent AR platform: the USGI/Mil-Spec. If you're willing to try, we will honor a return if the product has not been damaged or modified in any way. 
  • It looks like the BATTLE-BAR sticks out very far off the side of the rifle, creating a snag risk. Is this true? Negative. The BATTLE-BAR actually does not "profile" off of the side of your rifle. In fact, the BATTLE-BAR is skinnier than the mil-spec charging handle by nearly a centimeter.
  • Will my three point safety work with the BATTLE-BAR? Yes. In the pictures we can see how some would think it would impede on their safety. However, while hard to photograph, there is plenty of room for the safety to turn all three directions.
  • Will the BATTLE-BAR cause malfunctions to the bolt catch? Since the BATTLE-BAR does not actually "connect" to the bolt-catch, it adds no pressure or tension to it. The BATTLE-BAR slides over the mil-spec catch and relies solely on mechanical advantage from the shooter's finger of choice to activate. You can also still use the "old-fashioned" way, by slapping the bolt-catch to drop the rifle into battery.
  • Do I have to modify my rifle to make this product work? Absolutely not. ALL of our products are designed to be installed or removed with ease by a complete amateur. When they're removed, they will leave ZERO trace of ever being present. The BATTLE-BAR ships with a fiber gasket as an extra security against any scratching or tarnishing of your rifle's finish. The AR-15 was designed to be field stripped and re-assembled within minutes. Our products are the same way.
  • Why do I need a BATTLE-BAR? Well, to be totally honest, your milspec AR-15 has worked and will continue to work without it. You need a BATTLE-BAR if you want your rifle to work smoother and more intuitively.
  • Other companies have already made extended bolt-catches, what makes yours the best option? Our competition forgot a few extremely important details in their designs. For starters, our product doesn't put your finger near the trigger guard. Secondly, they forgot about mechanical advantage. The BATTLE-BAR relies on a thumb pressing motion, into a solid location. Unless you're left-handed...
  • I'm left-handed and want my rifle to work for me, not against me. Can you help? Well you're in luck. The Smith Tactics family, consists of two righties and two lefties. The BATTLE-BAR allows the left handed shooter an anatomically correct position to manipulate the bolt-catch with their index finger. Check out the pictures!


  • Your FAQ is insufficient and I have more questions. When and how can I contact Smith Tactics for further questions, or to become a dealer? Shoot us an e-mail at . One of the benefits of being a smaller company, is that you will be able to reach one of the owners directly.


  • I've heard the LIGHTNING-BOLT doesn't work... Since it's release in 2018, we have continued to improve upon the LIGHTNING BOLT'S design.  These changes have been only thousandths of an inch, but have made a big difference in it's ability to function in all mil-spec AR's. We have found that the improved design has resulted in far fewer issues.  If you have an issue with your products function, contact us.  We will make it right!


  • More information to come...


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